Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Engineered to Perform

The design of a cured in place pipe liner begins with selecting the right materials for the liner system, perfecting the installation process, and qualifying the finished liner's performance in the expected service conditions of the proposed application. The engineering properties of the ALPHALINER® systems provided to the design engineer in the products; technical data sheets are empirically derived values obtained from a statistically significant number of samples from an ongoing testing program. Engineers find the passionate nature of our testing programs, the tamper-proof, real-time computer-generated installation data of our installers, our field sample testing protocols, and our adherence to ISO 9001:2008 to be essential to assuring that the design process' assumptions are achieved in the finished CIPP liner.

ALPHALINER® UV CIPP liners have the kind of scientific validation of the technology that engineers want to see in a CIPP product. Integrated engineering controls of the installation process assure consistency and simplify verification of as-built compliance with the engineer's design.

Our in-house laboratory monitors all aspects of our production:

  • Raw materials from certified vendors are tested prior to being released into production.
  • Our in-process testing, or QC, is an integral and essential aspect of producing quality liner.
  • Prior to and during installation, our QUALITY-TRACKER SYSTEM™ records every aspect of each installation in a tamper-proof computer-generated log that we retain on file.
  • Laboratory records are on file for traceability of all liner materials used in the production of each individual liner. Cradle to grave documentation for the most demanding applications is inherent in all of the ALPHALINER® products.
  • Liner samples of each resin-saturated tube produced in our Saltville, Virginia manufacturing facility are retained for a period of time (state time period) for reference and any issues-related resolution to the local lab's testing results.


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