Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Municipal & Contractor

Storm drain or sewer line rehabilitation with RELINE’s ALPHALINER® can be installed either by a certified contractor or using an owner's in-house crews with little to no interruption to the community. The simplicity of the installation process owing to the innovative equipment package and training program supplied by RELINE™ to its installers creates the perfect situation for large contractor projects and just-in-time self-fulfillment type work orders.

When working in and around the general public the ALPHALINER® system offers several unique benefits not available with conventional heat-cured CIPP systems. These are:

1) Small worksite footprint requirement 

The small worksite footprint is a product of the shipping requirements of the resin saturated tube and the small box size of the UV-light curing equipment. The resin-saturated ALPHALINER® tube is typically delivered folded in a wooden shipping box in a non-refrigerated box truck. The liner being installed is quickly unloaded and winched into the host pipe scheduled for renewal.

2) Low and relatively brief noise level coming from the installation process

There are no monstrous 100-hp hot water or steam generating boilers nor any 250 to 1100 CFM air  compressor(s) sitting on the installation access point for hours to initiate and finish the curing of the resin and then bringing down the temperature of the liner to create a stable CIPP. The ALPHALINER® equipment consists of a modest CFM air compressor to keep the liner firmly inflated to the host pipe's geometry and a quiet electrical generator to produce the electricity for the UV-light  train. On a typical 400-foot reach of 8-inch pipe, the light-curing process can be completed in a little less than 75 minutes.

3) No disconcerting styrene odor from the liner during the installation process

Integral to the UV-light cure CIPP process, the resin saturated tube comes complete with an outer plastic membrane, or foil, that is designed to protect it from exposure to UV-light from the atmosphere and to facilitate its pull-in place installation practice. The resin-saturated tube also comes with an inner, clear plastic membrane designed to allow for the tube's inflation for the curing process. These inner and outer sophisticated foils are composed of several layers of materials designed to perform these functions and to contain the styrene odors that might otherwise be liberated during the installation process.

4) Fully hardened liner that reinstates quickly at the service laterals

A fully hardened liner cuts quickly and cleanly. The short UV-exposure time required of the resin system and the relative immunity of the curing process to cold ground heat sinks, assures this full hardening is taking place at all times of the year.

5) Cleaner work site

In addition to the containment of the resin system by the two foils, the resin is thickened following the saturation process which means much less opportunity for resin to be dropped on the ground or to flow down the next reach of the pipeline. This makes for a very clean worksite.

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