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UV Curing Systems

Recognizing the science of the curing process that inevitably must go hand-in-hand with assuring the quality of the finished UV-Cured CIPP, RELINE™ has invested heavily in the development of a complete installer-friendly installation system. UV-light curing involves much more than just the development of a light-train that has the requisite wattage light bulbs of the needed UV-light spectrum. This tailor-made installation equipment package is sold directly to the contractors and utilities whose crews have completed RELINE's comprehensive installation training and certification program to put this science successfully in their hands.


Electrical Insulation

The typically longer pipe reach to be cured, the demand for higher production rates, and the labor mindset of  the North American market has required significant durability enhancements be made to the original European sourced UV CIPP curing equipment designs that have historically been used by UV-light cured CIPP installers. Our most notable In-house product development advancements have been in the areas of:

  • Bulb Optimization

The UV-light bulb is ground zero of the curing process. The ultraviolet curing lights used by RELINE's installers have been tuned and optimized to the photo initiator system employed in our resin systems. One of the key innovations in this area has been in the durability of the ultraviolet light assembly, or train.

  • Curing Speed Calibration

The UV light curing process is a balance of the light's intensity, wavelength, and time of exposure. The curing speed of the RELINE™ CIPP is guided by our thorough knowledge of the particular tube's lighting exposure needs. We provide the installer with the ability to access this knowledge base through our automated protocol control system built into our installation equipment

  • Software Automation

Incorporating automated computer controls into our installation equipment system is like having our chief engineer on-board the truck guiding the technician through each and every processing step of our CIPP liners. The full protocol for time, temperature, rate of travel of the light assembly, and amount of lamps in operation is automatically maintained as documentation for the correct curing of the CIPP liner.

This unique blending of the key technical aspects of the installation process with a robust automation system makes the QUALITY-TRACKER SYSTEM™ equipment arguably the most advanced UV CIPP curing equipment in the world, and the easiest to use.

There are numerous advantages to using the QUALITY-TRACKER SYSTEM™, including:

  • Minimized installation times because the known variations in the ultraviolet light are constantly being monitored and compared against the light exposure needs with that which is actually being delivered by the light train system;
  • Quality control and quality assurance are built into the framework of our installation equipment reducing the likelihood of liner processing mis-steps by the field crew; and
  • Quick access to processing changes driven by improvements to the materials and/or ultraviolet lighting assembly.

The ability to control the cure of the ALPHALINER® using the QUALITY-TRACKER SYSTEM™ puts ALPHALINER® ahead of the competition. Using the built-in CCTV camera, the light train provides the certified installation technician with a live video feed down every foot of the liner before the cure is initiated. This pre-cure inspection enables the technician to confirm proper forming against the host pipe before the cure and also allows for fixing other defects in advance, like large wrinkles and fins. This “seeing what you will be getting beforehand” allows the engineer and owner to have a say as to when such cosmetic defects are "un-avoidable". The built-in CCTV camera also permits an intra-cure inspection for monitoring the progress of the installation during the cure itself.

The QUALITY-TRACKER SYSTEM™ equipment has a state-of-the-art touch screen control station that displays all the vital installation information (as captured by the QUALITY-TRACKER SYSTEM™ software) in real time during the cure including:

  • temperature (via infrared sensors and a thermocouple built into the light train) which confirms to the technician that the hardening process in the resin system is occurring;
  • air pressure inside the tube is at the proper level to assure full expansion is being maintained throughout the curing process;
  • distance traveled by the light train which keeps the technician aware of the installation process versus any site specific time constraints on the pipe being out of service; and
  • travel speed, which provides the technician with the information he or she needs to accurately determine cure

Engineered For Installation Success

The sophistication in the engineered control system assists the technician in making any necessary adjustments during the cure process to stay within specified parameters tied to the ALPHALINER's diameter and wall thickness. These are key to producing a quality finished CIPP liner. These parameters are provided to the trained technician in RELINE’s detailed, scientifically validated cure chart; and these measures have been verified to ensure a consistent cure down every foot of each ALPHALINER® installed.

Having the ability to use multiple power levels with our UV lamps in our equipment, we are able to provide varying wattages that are adaptable to the sewer or storm drain’s particular requirements due to the pipe's size and/or geometry. This enables our installers to have the fastest curing speeds possible.

Our CIPP installation process relies on our installers having a fully-equipped truck, ready to meet the site specific needs for the proper installation of the ALPHALINER® UV CIPP. Our installation equipment is specifically designed to address the unique nature of the ALPHALINER® system and the QUALITY-TRACKER SYSTEM™. Each of our curing trucks are equipped with computer and electronic equipment specifically built by our electrical department to monitor every aspect of the liner's installation.

RELINE’s equipment department builds the components needed for our UV light trains and other aspects of our process. We develop and manufacture complete installation systems with components built in-house using parts readily available in North America to meet the distinctive qualifications of our system.

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