Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Abel Recon

Contact Person: Hap Witmer
Street: 3925 Columbia Avenue, PO Box 476
Postcode: 17554
City: Mountville
Country: United States
State / Province: PA
Phone: 717.285.3103
Fax: 717.285.2321

The Abel organization draws from its experience in the site infrastructure and heavy construction industry involving the installation of new facilities on land development projects.

Since 1972, Abel has differentiated itself through its professional and aggressive approach to site infrastructure.  ABEL RECON serves the Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and Ohio regions in assisting authorities and municipalities in system evaluation, reconditioning and corrosion protection.

ABEL RECON recognizes that many existing public entities have aging infrastructure with significant infiltration problems.  With each offered service, we conducted an extensive evaluation of all available products to arrive at the absolute best choices in rehabilitation systems.  We are confident that the products we have chosen are the best available in the market today.

Services offered by ABEL RECON include:

  • Infrastructure Cleaning and Evaluation
  • Pipeline Grouting
  • Chemical Root Control
  • Structural Rehabilitation
  • Pipeline Joint Testing
  • Cured In Place Pipelining

ABEL RECON offers a professional, service oriented approach to system evaluation and rehabilitation. We would be pleased to consult with you on any upcoming projects or on any of the services offered by our firm.

Regions Served: Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio
Located in: Contractor System Integrators

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