Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

DownStream Services, Inc.

Street: 2855 Progress Place
Postcode: 92029
City: Escondido
Country: United States
State / Province: CA
Phone: 760.746.2544
Fax: 760.746.2667

Downstream Services, Inc. is a unique Small Business Enterprise offering sewer and storm water pipeline assessment and rehabilitation services from the underground up. Our core services include:

  • Pipeline Condition Assessment
  • Pipeline Maintenance
  • Pipeline Rehabilitation and UV Cured Lining
  • Underground Services
  • Storm Water Compliance
  • Pump Station Maintenance and Instrumentation
  • 24/7 Emergency Services (800) 262-0999
  • Collection System Maintenance

Complementing these services, we provide temporary Traffic Control solutions and Data Systems' Management, which are key to providing consistent and cost effective project management.

For over thirty years our reputation has been built on honesty and reliability. It is Downstream Services, Inc.’s pledge to continue providing consistent and efficient water and wastewater services, while cultivating lasting relationships with our clients.

Regions Served: California
Located in: Contractor System Integrators

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