Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Quality Tracker System™

Quality assurance is our top priority.

The RELINE’s ultraviolet light, cured-in-place pipe lining system – from raw materials through to your completely cured ALPHALINER's installation – encompasses quality control.  Our system includes testing of raw materials used in the production of your liner, consistent and continual testing during all phases of manufacturing and includes a QUALITY-TRACKER SYSTEM™ installed in every installation truck to monitor all crucial aspects of your installation.

Dedication to quality control and testing is a hallmark of RELINE AMERICA® which is why we initiated our ISO compliance certification.  We also maintain testing documentation and developed our QUALITY-TRACKER SYSTEM™.

Quality begins with quality assurance during the liner's manufacture:

Raw materials from certified suppliers – Our product development team sets the performance parameters for the materials that make up the ALPHALINER® system. Once those parameters have been established it is important to seek out raw material suppliers who can consistently deliver the materials within those parameters.
Incoming goods inspection – Building upon the consistent quality of our certified suppliers we run each shipment of these raw materials through a rigorous confirmation step using our in-house lab before we accept the materials into our manufacturing inventory.
Continuous monitoring of each step in the manufacturing process assures that the ALPHALINER® tube comes together in a consistent form.
Seamless documentation – All of the above monitoring is recorded real-time and stored for the record that we maintain on each and every ALPHALINER® tube that is manufactured at our Saltville, Virginia manufacturing facility.

Quality continues to your job site:

Delivery to the installer is made in shipping crates designed to protect the tube during its journey to the jobsite and to facilitate its handling throughout this process.

Quality assurance at the construction site with the QUALITY-TRACKER SYSTEM™:

Seamless and continuous control and documentation throughout the installation process is maintained by the QUALITY-TRACKER SYSTEM™ incorporated into the installation equipment.
Control and documentation of the pulling forces is important so that the tube is inserted into the host pipe without impacting the tube's finished thickness and the designed configuration of the glass fiber matrix.
Control and documentation of the curing parameters unique to the ALPHALINER® system assures the liner's installation delivers the engineering properties shown in the RELINE™ literature.

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