Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Construction Inspector Training

RELINE™ prides itself on customer service, assisting our installers in any needed capacity that will assure an effortless installation.  One concern of many contractors is the education of their assigned inspectors, trying to explain what of the factors that are constantly analyzed during the cure, how ALPHALINER® is manufactured, and explaining the installation procedures that must be followed.  This can be a cumbersome task while also trying to control a jobsite. It is for this reason and for the education of utility owners, RELINE’s field service team offer Construction Inspector Training.  This training is indispensable in educating inspectors, utility owners, and project engineers how to understand the needs of different stages of installation of ALPHALINER®.

Drawing upon over 25 combined years of experience with pipeline rehabilitation and a million linear feet of rehabilitated pipe, our Field Service Team is able to confidently explain how ALPHALINER® is produced, the stages of construction, and details of each stage including the curing parameters, the justification of these parameters, the progress of the installation, the advantages of ALPHALINER® and the differences between our UV CIPP process and other CIPP methods.

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