Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Installation Training and Certifications

All ALPHALINER® installation technicians complete RELINE’s extensive training and certification program. The cumulative worldwide experience of over 23 years is shared with each installer in a defined training syllabus.

Training an installation team entails classroom time at our plant as we teach step by step instruction on how to install our liner and use our UV installation equipment. In addition to the classroom training, the installation team is given hands-on experience with each aspect of a lining project in our training facility.

Our experienced installation technicians are then on hand for the installer's first onsite installation of ALPHALINER®.  We teach and train so that the owner can be assured that our product is installed by the contractor using our detailed techniques for a successful installation.

Further, RELINE AMERICA® offers all our installers an annual training renewal to accommodate new employees or their desire for a refresher for their current employees. We also have an annual meeting to present new information and share ideas with our installers.

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